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GMO Cookies Marijuana Strain


May Relieve 
Chronic Pain, Depression, Inflammation, Insomnia, Stress


GMO Cookies Marijuana Strain

An incredibly Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. This strain was first created by Divine Genetics, a company dedicated to growing potent and flavorful strains of cannabis that are typically meant for experienced stoners.

The high from GMO Cookies is unlike any other high you’ve experienced to date. The THC data for this strain is a bit iffy, as some Garlic Cookies have tested higher than 30% while GMO Cookies Marijuana Strain test around 24%. What you do need to know is that this bud will have you higher than a kite for hours on end before gently bringing you back down for peaceful slumber. A deep sense of relaxation settles into your mind and muscles as soon as you take your first hit of this flower.

While the strain goes to work relieving aches, pains, and tension in your body. It also lifts your mood and sends your mind into the vast expanse of space. This long-lasting high is great for those who plan out a session and set up for a long, enjoyable experience. GMO Cookies Marijuana Strain has become one of the most popular Indicas in recent history, as medical patients and recreational smokers purchase it for symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite, inflammation, and fatigue.


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