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Original Glue Weed Strain


Common Usage

Anxiety, Loss of Appetite, Pain, Depressed


Original Glue Weed Strain

Not only does Original Glue Weed Strain boast an insane amount of THC but the strain does also measure at about 1% CBN, making her ideal for treating medical conditions. An uplifted state of mind helps to wash away anxiety, stress, and depression, and if you struggle with insomnia, a few hits of this before bedtime will have you sleeping like a baby. Users have even reported that issues of PTSD as well as OCD can be helped quite a bit with this award-winning blend.

Mental effects are certainly strong with a euphoria that just won’t quit, but mostly Original Glue Weed Strain is known for her ability to glue you to the couch with ease. If nothing else, perhaps you’ll enjoy a friendly conversation with your bag of chips and laugh a bit harder at your favorite shows, because you certainly won’t be accomplishing much of anything else.


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